Hypnobirthing Courses in the Rugby & Daventry area

 What you will learn

The full 'The Little Birth Company' Complete Hypnobirthing Programme is everything you need to prepare for a positive birth. supporting and preparing you regardless of where or how you give birth. 

It will support you to keep calm and relaxed, to breathe and to enjoy your birth. It will give you practical tools to support you through the intensity of the surges and give you the confidence to make decisions. 

Hypnobirthing doesn't promise you a perfect birth but it does give you the tools to support a positive birth experience. The benefit of practising Hypnobirthing is even when the journey to birth changes, which on occasion it can do, it can support you to stay calm and feel in control.

The tools and techniques you will learn on this course are hugely beneficial for mums to be, birth partners and babies. The relaxation techniques you learn will support you through birth and into parenthood.

Full course materials and MP3's included as a download, a hard copy of the manual available for £12 extra.

A condensed 3 hour Hypnobirthing Workshop, ideal for parents who have already attended a full antenatal course previously, either hypnobirthing or NCT with Fay. Digital course materials and three MP3s provided. 

If there is a group of you wanting to do it together then this can be arranged at a reduced fee, please get in touch to discuss.

This is the same full Hypnobirthing course as the 1-1 course delivered to you as part of a group, including full digital support package with MP3's. This course will have a maximum of 8 couples and is ideal if you are looking for the opportunity to make some friends at the same time as attending class. the course is a total of 10 hours over two 5 hour sessions with breaks for socialising. 


A hard copy of the course manual (digital copy provided as part of course fee) is available at an extra charge of £12.

There are many things for you to consider and steps you can take to prepare for a positive Caesarean birth experience. During this workshop we will look at what you can expect during the birth, how to prepare and how to support recovery afterwards.


What will you learn

  • Caesarean Birth can be a positive experience for a baby, woman and her birth partner
  • What is a Caesarean Birth, Natural or gentle Caesarian?
  • To look forward to a gentle, safe, calm, comfortable and stress free birth
  • How to release any fears that may be associated with a Caesarean birth
  • How to relax deeply and quickly using breathing techniques and visualisations
  • How to support your hormones to promote bonding and feeding after birth
  • Breathing techniques to maximise your body’s natural relaxation responses
  • The knowledge and power to navigate pregnancy and birth
  • What happens before, during and after your birth and what to expect
  • Recovery - top tips


This comprehensive antenatal course cover all preparation for pregnancy and birth, as well as looking after baby and postnatal recovery.  

Classes are designed for couples, but many people attend on their own or with a friend, relative or more than one birth partner.


Subjects covered will include:


  • Healthy pregnancy
  • Pregnancy & Birth choices
  • Choosing where to have your baby
  • Relaxation, breathing and massage
  • Active birth and body awareness
  • Home birth, water birth & Caesarean birth
  • What happens in labour and the birth process
  • Pain relief - natural and medical options
  • Labour, natural, induced and augmented 
  • The role of a birth partner & support skills
  • Complications and interventions
  • Looking after a newborn and feeding options
  • Early parenting and lifestyle changes
  • Newborn growth and development
  • Mental health for both parents
  • Postnatal recovery
  • Support and signposting for help
  • Resourses to support course

These courses are held either as a group booking or as a 1-1

Please contact me for more information or to book 

The space, time and opportunity for pregnant women to relax, learn some great information and meet other expectant parents. Join us for this 6 week Pregnancy Relaxation Programme 

A weekly catch up followed by some mindful breathing, then a guided relaxation followed by a discussion about one of the following topics:

  •  Relaxation in pregnancy
  •  Sleep in pregnancy
  •  Fear in pregnancy & Birth
  •  Healthy choices
  •  Preparing for birth
  •  Hormones for birth


Courses run for 6 weeks on a Thursday evening. dates for 2021 as follows:

Jan 7th - Feb 11th

Feb 18th - March 25th

April 1st - May 6th

May 13th - June 17th

June 24th - July 29th 


Sept 9th - Oct 14th 

Oct 21st - Nov 25th 


Please download, complete and email me the booking form to secure your place on a pregnancy relaxation course

LBC Pregnancy Relaxation Booking Form
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